AT&T Red River Showdown
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How To Play

You may find your playing field on the BIG DINNER BOX at select Pizza Hut locations.

  1. Pre-game prep: Cut out your team's football on the front flap of the box. Then grab an OU and/or Texas fan to compete against!
  2. To win, score FIVE successful field goals during the game! (Total Score of 15)
  3. Choose who will go first, via coin toss. The winner of the toss can choose to "flick off," or to receive.
  4. The receiving player (PLAYER 1) creates a finger goal post pointing up approximately 4-6" above the field (Pizza Hut box). A Texas fan signs "Hook ‘em" with his/her hand. An OU fan creates a small "U" shape with both hands overlapping thumbs.
  5. Next, the "Flicker" (PLAYER 2) places the football in front of him/her, holding the tip of the cutout football against the box, and upright.
  6. Steadying the football with a finger from the opposite hand, the Flicker (PLAYER 2) flicks the football with index or middle finger, toward the opponent’s finger goal posts.
  7. The Flicker (PLAYER 2) then has FOUR flicks—or downs—to flick the ball through the finger goal posts before the ball is given to the opponent. Opponent (PLAYER 1) then also has FOUR attempts to flick a field goal.
  8. After a field goal (worth THREE points), the ball then changes possession. This continues until there is a winner!

Good luck!